Thursday, May 20, 2010

The adventures never end

When traveling with two young children, you must always be prepared for the unexpected. Today I asked our fantastic babysitter Erin to help me bring the boys to the airport. She was also bringing my car back home for me so it wouldn't be stuck at the airport for months on end. We started out on time. Everything was going great. A little too smooth in the great scheme of things. Cav started complaining. "my belly hurts. I want to go home. I need water". I turn around to witness my big boy vomit all over himself and his car seat. I pull the car over and run over to his rescue. I pull him out of his seat and help him crouch down on the side of the road. My poor little guy. Miss Erin does not miss a beat, grabs some baby wipes and starts cleaning out Cav's car seat. I wait until Cavan is done spewing, and help him out of his vomit soaked clothing. Wipe him down with a wipe and help put on the extra outfit I had on hand in my car. One of the most awful outfits (a free t-shirt he got from his bday at monkey joes and a pair of shiny black basketball shorts). Luckily the next time cav got sick in the car I had a bucket ready. The good news is he ate a cheeseburger then slept on the plane.

Meanwhile, Pierson drove me crazy and kept me busy. We watched the intro to Mickey mouse clubhouse about a dozen times. Played with a balloon that I had only slightly inflated (makes a fantastic airplane toy). Ate snacks, looked at skymall, then started looking at the spirit magazine. Those geniuses at Spirit put a picture of cookie monster on the second page. Pierson was thrilled. "hi cookie!!!" as he waved at the magazine. Then he ripped the page of the magazine, looked at me and said "I rip". Crazy little 18 month old stole the picture of cookie monster.

I got lots of compliments about my boys and how well they travel. One woman give me four lollipops to give to the boys. They were thrilled. All in all an eventful trip, as usual. My poor hubby has had a long uncomfortable journey that still isn't over yet. Nothing like a 6'3" man with 42" shoulders stuck in a middle coach seat for 10+ hours. I miss my man and so do the boys. They ask for him constantly.

What are some of your more memorable travel adventures?

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  1. Hi sweetie!! Sounds like you handled all the travel perfectly. How are your parents and how is FLA? Memorable travel adventures.... Um, obviously the time we hopped in the 1985 station wagon and got it up to 45 on 279 to get back from Max & Irma's and have some guy standing in front of us in front of the science hall with a big smile and "nice rims" comment!!! Lol... Remember that? Love you guys!! XOXOXOX