Saturday, May 8, 2010

Don't drink the bath!!

I wonder how many times I say "don't drink the bath" every night. Pierson has a very strong affinity for bubble bath. Cavan would drink it too but after being scolded for 3 years for it he has finally caught on. Neither boy cares if the water is warm, soapy, dirty or peed in. They will happily sip it from the measuring cups they stole from my kitchen. I love these boys.

They were so sweet tonight. They got to talk on Skype tonight with my parents. Pierson was so excited and kept lifting his shirt so Bumpa could tickle his belly. Cav just kept asking to see more toys they had for him to play with.

Other highlights from the day were swimming in the neighborhood pool. Both boys loved jumping in.

Pete taking a turn

Cav jumping pretty darn high

I made a spectacular dinner of gluten free healthified weiner schnitzel. The entire family devoured it. Cav ate two servings and Pete kept asking for "mo' meat".

We also went to the new house and let the kids play on their swing set. Keith also took the boys inside for a big ol' wrestling match. Meanwhile, I relaxed on the hammock and listened to my neighbors sprinkler. Here is a pic of my view from the hammock. So peaceful!

I hope everyone has had as wonderful and relaxing a Saturday as we have had. I'm going to miss these kinds of days so much when Keith deploys.

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  1. Don't drink the bath!! heheh Cait, it looks like such a great Saturday!! Cavan jumped *very* high!! What a fish:))) Also, dinner looked delicious. I'm starting to eat healthy tomorrow and am sticking to it full force. Nervous, but excited:) BTW, we are all going to miss Keith. Hang in there sweetie. XOXOXO For today, Happy Mother's Day!!! :)))))))