Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He is actually leaving

As I write this blog, I'm enjoying my last evening as a family for who knows how long. My hubby just took off his wedding band and locked it into the safe until he comes home. It was painful to watch. He gave his boys the stuffed dogs he made for them at build a bear. They both kept pushing the buttons to hear the message their dad had recorded for them. The boys and I made him a pillow case covered in hand prints and a few messages. Keith made placemats for the boys with pictures of them together on them (thank you Kelly for the fabulous idea and supplies). We have talked with Cav about daddy going away. He keeps saying he doesn't wand him to go. I know how he feels. Tonight we will go through our last bed time routine as a family ever in this house. It's part of what is making this deployment even harder, the fact that when we get back we will be in an all new house. It's a good thing, but sad at the same time. We have been in our house since Cav was about 4 months old. It's hard to imagine calling anywhere else home. I'm still trying to accept everything.

A few positives to note...got a great workout today (snatched 100 lbs three times and cleaned 130 lbs two times, as well as rowed 749 meters in a tabata row). Keith was here for the awful discovery I made on our screened porch today. A MOUSE!! So glad I didn't have to face that alone. And finally we had a delicious meal that I made and we enjoyed with my in laws. The boys loved having grandma and grandpa here. I'm really going to miss evenings like this. I cannot wait to have another one.

Please keep my hubby in your thoughts and prayers. I really do hope with all of my heart that he has a safe and quick deployment. Love you baby.

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  1. Cait, this post breaks my heart. You know Keith is in every single prayer and that we are all behind him, you, Cavan, and Pierson 100%. Love you so much sweetie and we are ALL here for you!! Calling you tomorrow afternoon. Xs and Os times a million and give Keith my very best-- can't wait until you are all together again. All our love XOXOXOX