Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some days just require mojitos!

And today is one of those days. Most days I am ok with the fact that my husband is leaving soon, but today was not one of those ok days. I just felt like having a pity party all day. I think a big reason I felt so down was I had to call and cancel our Disney reservations. We were all looking forward to spending a Disney vacation with very close friends of ours, but we had to cancel because of the deployment. Nothing like a little salt in your wound when Disney tells you it's going to cost you $400 to cancel the trip you never wanted to cancel in the first place. We decided to reschedule to avoid losing money, hopefully we can go in the fall.

So to ease mine and Keith's sadness, I made some delicious sugar free mojitos! I know what you are thinking, how could sugar free mojitos taste good? Well follow my recipe and you won't be disappointed.

Cait's sugar free mojitos

For one drink...
One packet of stevia in the raw
3-5 fresh mint leaves
Juice from one lemon
2 oz plain rum

Put stevia and mint into glass. Muddle together (mash 'em up together). Add lemon juice, rum, and ice. Stir. Add 2-4 oz of seltzer. Mix together gently and enjoy!

I got to have a decent workout today, thankfully my hubby also came. It was nice having him there. We did a lengthy warm up of push ups, squats, pull ups and running. Then we did 6 sets of 3 reps of back squat. I maxxed out at 195 lbs. :). Hubby got 300 lbs. It was a nice heavy lifting day for us.

Ok I decided to post a pic of me since I don't have any good ones of the boys to post right now. Check out my guns! :). I love Crossfit! (Mad recognize my tank?)

Oh and one last picture...

My tea all set up in the morning by my hubby! He does this every morning for me. :)

Sorry for my thoughts being so disjointed, I'm just not thinking clearly today.

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  1. oh my gosh that's terrible about the disney vacation! :( love the guns!! and even more, love the little baby in the background! how cute!

  2. Sorry you had to cancel Disney. :( I've heard sooo many things about you!!

  3. Cait-- I finally get your famous mojito recipe!! OMG I cannot wait to try it. Btw you look fantastic and I love that tank on you! So cute. I'm so sorry about everything happening right now. You are doing such a great job. And I can't believe that Disney would charge you $400. Did they understand why you were canceling? Terrible. Atleast you can go in the fall. We are ALL here for you and thinking of you. Love you sweetie!! XOXO