Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crossfit games Dirty South regional!!

I am loving the Crossfit games!! My parents have been awesome taking care of the boys while I watch and cheer. My gym is putting in one heck of a performance. Our team is in 10th, coach AJ is in 11th (while battling a torn muscle), and coach Michelle is in 1st!!! One more day to go!
Here is the team getting ready for the tire flip/burpee event.

And now underway...

Here is coach Michelle.

I have so many more pictures on my camera, I will load them up once we get home.

The RVing is going well. The boys are sleeping great! The shower water pressure leaves something to be desired, but is liveable. I really couldn't ask for this trip to go much better. It has greatly exceeded my expectations. Tomorrow night we head over to Disney! Looking forward to it.

I really have so much more to tell, I am just too tired to sit up and type it on my iPhone. :). I'll type more tomorrow when the games are over. Fingers crossed that I will be reporting good news. I love Crossfit! This community just rocks!

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  1. Yahoo!!!! You deserve an amazing trip Cait, I'm so happy for you all!! Give my best to your family and congratulations to your coach! Hugs & kisses from Erie PA XOXOXO