Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its a home truck

Today was a busy day as usual in the house of Mann Mayhem. :) I got a workout and then I had to go to the tile store again with Rick, and my parents watched the boys while I was gone. We had dinner with my brother and his family, as well as my grandparents. It was nice because Pierson sat next to Pops, and due to his shyness, he barely moved. Nice to have a well behaved little monkey at dinner for one. Cavan got wedged between my mother and my brother, which also caused him to be quite quiet. What also helped was that he was about ready to fall asleep at the table. Poor guy was exhausted after playing with Bumpa all day long. After startling him awake a few times, we left the table with a mostly awake Cavan.

This is when the excitement began. We finally got to go see my parents new RV. I know, instantly a million movie references come to mind. Robin Williams in RV with his "big ol' rolling turd", and Robert DeNiro in Meet the Folkers with "the highlight of their twilight". This RV is really quite simple, definitely smaller than the ones in both of those movies. However, my boys absolutely loved it! Cav thought it was an RV trailer and as soon as he saw it he exclaimed "Its a home truck!!". He was thrilled that somehow they mixed a home with a truck. The boys excitedly ran laps back and forth. They climbed up on the bed, clamored across it and then slid back down to the floor. Cav sat in the driver's seat and cracked up laughing as he beeped the horn on the RV. Pierson sat in the passenger seat just happy to along for the ride. It was quite the spectacle to see them. It makes me hopeful that our trip this weekend in the RV will go well. My only big concern is the sleeping arrangements. Pierson can be so picky about how he sleeps, lets hope he cooperates. He got me up at 530am today and I have been exhausted ever since.

They posted the workouts today for the Crossfit Games 2010 Dirty South Regionals. I am getting so excited to watch my coaches and our affiliate team compete. (That is where we are headed in the RV). I think it will be awesome to see the competitive side of Crossfit.

Well, like I said, I got up at 530am, so I am going to finish watching Glee and then get some much needed rest. Fingers crossed that my boys decide to sleep in past 6am and that I get to hear from my husband tomorrow. I am enjoying my daily emails or phone calls. It has helped ease my nerves a bit so I have one less thing to worry about.

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  1. The highlight of our twilight!! Sounds like such a fun day Cait and you know I am excited to see pictures from the road trip. Give hugs and kisses all around to your family-- this post made me miss them!! Say hi to the boys and I'm really looking forward to hearing about your trip this weekend:))) XOXOXOXO