Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So I don't get blood on my hands

My boys are two of the most creative and interesting people I have ever met. My favorite time of day with them is after bath and before bed. Keith usually bathes them and I dry them and try to start dressing them. However dressing them is an incredible task. Neither boys likes clothes and both prefer running around screaming in the raw. While very entertaining, this can be a tough thing to explain to visiting grandparents.

As I write this I am enjoying the building of a roller coaster. Cavan has decided that they will use cushions and pillows to build a roller coaster. Here is Pete stacking his cushions.

Here is Cav knocking down Pete's tower.

Which Pierson found absolutely hysterical. Then Cavan found a pair of my stretchy black gloves. He asked me to help him put them on. Then he said "these are my work gloves, so I don't get my hands bloody". To which my wise guy hubby said "what kind of work are you doing? Moving bodies?"

These boys have turned around an otherwise crappy day. :)

I have decided not to dwell on the obnoxious things I have heard and instead look at the amazing people I am raising. :). I am also going to focus on the positive, like today I climbed the rope at the gym 6 complete times to the ceiling. I am terrified of heights and was never able to do this as a child, so I'm pretty darn proud.

So I'm proud of my boys and my rope climbs, what are you proud of? What made you smile on your difficult days?

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  1. Such cuties!!! And I wish I could have been there for Keith's commentary. Adorable:)) I love the imaginations these boys have building roller coasters out of pillows. Cait, can't believe you climbed that rope 6 times!!! Cavan and Pierson are going to have to keep up with YOU on the playground someday. Hehehe:)) So proud of you sweetie and love you so much! XOXOXOXO