Friday, May 7, 2010

Trying out this Blogging business...

Since my dear friend Madeleine has been on my case for ages now that I needed to start a Blog, I finally decided to give in. So first things first, come up with a name. What should I call this little glimpse into my life. I batted around a few ideas but decided to stick with something that really embodies my crazy and chaotic life. Mama Mann's Mayhem! As the Mom to two boys who are 20 months apart, I am always busy and always on my toes. As the wife to a US Army soldier, I am always expecting the unexpected. And as an avid Crossfitter, I am always physically prepared for whatever the world has to throw at me.

As I prepare for my husband's deployment, I am sure my posts on here will be some what sporadic, but it will give me a place to vent my anger and frustration. I hate thinking about life without my husband, but I am just hoping this will be our last real time away from each other. I cannot wait until we are no longer in the Army.

As I type this I am reminded that no matter what stress I feel like I am enduring, my children can always make me smile. Pierson is sitting on the family room floor reading a train book. As he turns the pages he is yelling "All Aboard!!", which is one of the lines in the book. Apparently its his favorite line. Nothing cuter than an 18month old reading a train book in his fleece pajamas, while shouting "All Aboard!". Of course my enjoyment of this moment is short lived since my older son Cavan has decided to snap me back into reality. Cav just had to be instructed that it is not a good idea to stomp on his brother's foot, nor steal his strawberry milk. Amazing how you have to be so explicit some times, but I guess this just further demonstrates that Cavan is still very self centered in his thinking and development. He is not really able to see how he wouldn't like it if his brother was doing the same things to him.

Hmm, maybe this blogging thing will be useful after all so that I can really think about what is going on with my kids. Normally I would have just gotten frustrated and angry with Cavan for trying to hurt his brother, but now that I see it on paper (or computer screen), I realize that is he is only behaving like a typical 3 year old. Well thanks Mad for leading me to blogging. :)


  1. M3 is the new C3! Cait, I'm so thrilled to be following your blog!! We are all going to love reading your posts and learning from you. I'm so sorry that Keith will be overseas. Know that we are all here for you guys. It was so fun reading about my nephews-- feel like I'm there!! Please give them big hugs from Auntie Mad and could these cute little monkies be any cuter??? XOXXOXO Love love love - Mad

  2. hey girl! i'm so excited to follow your blog. hope you'll come follow mine as well. i hope you love blogging and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! take care :)

  3. Hi Cait,

    Your boys are adorable!!!! Fun to see them:-)