Friday, May 21, 2010

Seriously? Any more ER visits?

So I would love to know why it is that as soon as my husband leaves my life falls spectacularly to pieces. It never fails. Last night my poor puppy needed a quick trip to the ER vet. She had a cyst rupture on her back and lets just say it was disgusting! Thank goodness for my Mom the nurse and my sister in law, the future doctor, or I may have just tossed my cookies and hid in the closet. My father was kind enough to volunteer to take my pup to the vet while I put my over tired boys to bed. The doc said she will be fine, and gave us some meds to put on her back. The fun part (sarcasm) is that he found a suspicious lump on her back that we need to have removed and checked for cancer. Grrrrrrrrreat. Just what I need right now while I am doing the single Mom thing. Our pup with the ailment, Sweet Pea, is on the right. Our other furball, Miss Piggy, is on the left.

As traumatizing as it was to experience the dog heading to the ER, my son heading to the ER is far more frightening. I was trying to be a good daughter/house guest, and help my Mom prepare dinner. My father had volunteered to take the boys outside. As he was getting them ready, I accidentally dropped a jar of peppercorns. It shattered on the floor. I was cleaning it up when I heard the most awful hurt cry coming from the other room. Any Mommy out there knows the difference between an ouch cry and a true hurt cry. My poor little Pierson was bawling his eyes out. My Dad tried to comfort him, nothing...My Mom tried to comfort him, nothing. He came to me, sobbing, then he picked his head up and I noticed the blood on my shirt. I looked at my baby's beautiful face and noticed his nose was bleeding. My heart sank. My Dad said his best guess was that Pierson injured himself on the dowel he was walking around with as a cane. We were concerned that he had been chewing on the dowel and that he may have damaged his palate, so my father and I rushed him to the ER. After about half an hour we discovered that he was just fine. The bleeding had stopped and he was so relaxed, that he actually took at nap in the waiting room. We decided to forgo the doctor and head home. My best guess is that the little goober took a good whack to the nose with that stupid dowel. Just thankful that he is ok now and there is no permanent damage to that perfect little face (not that I am bias).

I needed a few mojitos tonight to calm down. Like I said, my hubby leaves and our world crumbles. I am just so thankful to have my family reinforcements around. They help so much, both morally and just giving me a break. Today my break consisted of a hellish workout. 400m of lunges with a 25 lbs kettlebell held over my head. It was 91 degrees out here, so it was brutal!! I managed to finish in 22 minutes and 46 seconds. Lets see how my back end feels tomorrow after so many darn lunges.

Hoping tomorrow goes smoother. I am missing my hubby dearly and hope that he gets to call again tomorrow. He has only been gone two days, but honestly it feels like it has been so much longer than that.

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  1. Cait, what an eventful first 2 days you have had in Florida!! So scary. Is there anything worst than waiting in an ER? Ugh. Such a battle whether it's worth sitting in the germ/trauma-fest or better to go home and re-coop. Sounds like you made the perfect decision for Pierson and I hope Sweet Pea feels better soon. I don't think I've scene this pic of the pups before? SO CUTE!! how did you get them to pose like that? Love you so much- XOXOXOXO Mad