Monday, May 10, 2010

There's marshmallow in my garlic press

Today was a somewhat typical Monday. I left my bed, with a Cavan still snoozing in it. To find my handsome hubby putting away the last of the dishes and putting on the tea kettle for my morning tea. He also already had the mug out with a tea bag sitting in it. Such a thoughtful and caring husband. :). After he left for work I began seeking and searching for any food items, sippy cups or other gross stuff our tired eyes may have missed the night before. In the family room I stumbled upon my garlic press with the remains of a mini marshmallow squished in it. Niiiice. Had to have been a brillant plan conjured up by my elder son. He loves "cooking" with my kitchen implements.

Once our fantastic babysitter arrived, I left for the gym. Got a wonderful workout. The prescribed WOD (workout of the day) was 100 double unders (jump rope), followed by 3 rounds of 10 deadlifts at 185 lbs for women, and 400m run. All of that for time. I finished in about 10 minutes and 20 seconds. I also had the pleasure of my hubby being there for the workout. I love working out with Keith. It just motivates me and calms me at the same time.

Once we got home, Keith took the boys fishing at the neighborhood ponds, while I made some phone calls. He then asked me to walk over to the house to see my Mann boys. They were there on the swing set. Here is what I found.

After pushing the boys on the swings for a bit, Pierson and I headed home. Dinner needed to be cooked. I decided to play kitchen scientist and invent a healthier chicken wing recipe. I started with the blue cheese dressing. I used reduced fat crumbled blue cheese mixed in fat free Greek yogurt.

I then roasted the chicken wings on a rack on 350 convect for about 30 minutes.

I melted 1/4 cup of butter and mixed it with 1/4 cup of hot sauce. Then tossed the wings in the sauce.

Absolutely delicious! I know butter isn't the healthiest, but the wings were baked and the dressing was very low fat. :). Plus my hubby was thrilled!

Time to go put the little men to bed. Pierson skipped his nap today, so he is exhausted. Happy Monday everyone!
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  1. OMG that looks DELICIOUS!!! I think I can smell those chicken wings through the computer. Cait, looks like such a fun Monday for you guys and I think I spotted you in the picture with Pierson. So cute. Great pics of all the Manns and say "hi" to everyone for me. P.S. I LOVE your titles-- this might be my favorite one yet ;-) XOXOXO

  2. hahahhahah Kids are hilarious. Marshmallows in the garlic press himm...well pressed marshmallow would make an awesome Smore topping. Your husband is SUCH a sweetie!

  3. mmm marshmallows! which gym do you go to?

  4. Thank you ladies for the wonderful comments. :)

    Christina, I go to Crossfit Fort Bragg right now. :) I love this gym, but I am looking forward to opening my own when we finally get to FL next year.