Sunday, May 16, 2010

Keep on, Keeping on

So I am actually writing this post from my computer, which is not usual for me. :) I seem to never have time to actually sit in front of the computer. I guess we can chalk this one up to me being up at 615am on a Sunday. I heard my hubby hobble out of bed (apparently he hurt his foot) and decided I would rather get up early and enjoy some quiet time with him than sleep another hour or two. I am up now trying to perk up, thank goodness for my morning cup of tea.

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday because I am really trying to focus on family time, which is tough when everybody else has plans. So Friday, we got the boys haircuts. Then we went to Chick Fil A to celebrate our friend's son's birthday. It was a good time, but Keith and I really just wanted to get home. And finally, here is a picture of the gluten free cake that we made the other day.

Yesterday, we got up and I played kitchen scientist again. One of the coaches at my gym, AJ, had been trying to make these nut clusters (they are manufactured by Mrs. good). And his version had come out messy and runny. I decided to look into making Paleo brittle. I found a recipe and stole the idea on what temp to cook the honey to. I used raw organic honey and cooked it to 240 degrees, added some raw almonds. Then cooked it until 305 degrees. I threw in some roasted cashews until the nuts were just coated. Spread the mixture onto a jelly roll pan that I lined with parchment paper and lightly greased. Put it in the fridge to cool. When I was ready to leave for the gym, I broke the brittle into pieces and put it in a zip loc bag. All of the coaches at the gym seemed pretty excited to have another type of food to snack on.

I didn't work out yesterday. It was a rest day...finally. Friday's workout was pretty rough. 30 Turkish gets up, 30 kettlebell swings, 30 kettlebell sumo-deadlift high pulls, 5 rounds. It took me 50 min and 36 sec using a 35 lbs kettlebell for the first round and a 25 lbs kettlebell for the remainder. I was dripping in sweat and covered in bruises. A lovely shot of my poor knees.

Here are some pictures of the boys playing around at the gym. They both love it there. Makes a Crossfitting Mama sooooo proud!

And here is a picture of my handsome hubby after getting his butt whooped by some tire flips, overhead squats and double unders on Saturday.

Looks a lot like the picture of me that was posted on the gym's website, from the rope climbing workout. (nice knee high socks right?)

Well, I'm looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. My in-laws come in tomorrow, and I get my hair cut, so its going to be a busy day. Florida bound with the boys on Thursday, kissing my hubby goodbye on Wednesday. :( Happy Sunday blogging world. Hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend.


  1. Such a bittersweet post Cait! We are thinking of all of you and I hope that this week the time goes slowly and that this summer the time goes quickly. Good for all of you to be enjoying some quality time this week and making lemonades out of lemons. The pics of the Mann family at the gym are adorable-- knee socks!! heheh:) Btw, I think a collage of these shots would make an adorable Christmas card:))) Love you!

  2. Hi hon! I just wanted to tell you that I honestly LOVED the oat flour. You were right though, the water I added went a long way... Actually, I probably should ammend my Post:) I can't wait to substitute oat flour for other recipes of mine--- it packs so much fiber and is much tastier than grounded up fiber one :P (my opinion only). XOXOXOXO P.S. Have a great cross fit today!