Thursday, May 27, 2010

"big ol' rolling turd coming through"

We set off in my parents' RV today (just I case you didn't catch the reference to the movie RV in my title). We are on our way to Jacksonville. The boys have been good but they definitely do not have the patience for lengthy sitting spells. Cavan is certainly better at it than Pierson. Cav sits and happily watches a movie or plays games on his ipod. Pierson just sits and complains "I-wan-out!!!". This is after he has tossed his ipod, binky, and toys on the floor. Thank goodness they both slept for the first hour or so, only about 4 hours of driving with them awake. :P

I wish Keith could be here to see how excited Cav is about going to a campground (actually an RV park) and staying in the home truck. He would get a kick out of it. Not sure Cav is excited about going to see the Crossfit games, but I know Pete will be. Pete loves watching people Crossfit. He will sit on my lap and happily watch a workout. Then he likes to have his turn to play with the equipment, which will probably be frowned upon at the games. I hope there is a playground nearby.

After the games we get to take the RV to the Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney World. It should be a good time provided the boys actually sleep. (catching on to what my biggest concern is?). I am sure I will have some interesting things to talk about on this trip. Apparently there are places at campgrounds and rv parks called "comfort houses", which are essentially a giant public bathroom. So glad I splurged and bought a pair or $2.50 rubber flip flops at Target. Who knows what will be growing in those places. So I would get ready for some laughs over the next couple of days. For now, signing off from the comfort of the "home truck".

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  1. Cait, the RV is amazing!! It looks so beautiful. It is HUGE girl! What is the space above the drivers for? Is that where people sleep? I think you had told me. Love that the boys are enjoying the trip especially Cavan and I think that $2 you invested at Target was money well spent:))) Can't wait to hear more about the games and of course the Disney campsite. You know anything Disney is extra special-- I bet there will be some fun surprises! Say hi to everyone for me. XOXOXO Lots of love! Madeleine