Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day for the mama of mayhem

So the day began with my fantastic husband making the most delicious omelets for us. They were perfect as always. The man just knows how to cook eggs. Here is a picture of my omelet, half gone of course.

Then Pierson decided to help me eat my oatmeal.

Pierson was rocking some nice bedhead. Unfortunately for Pierson, life is just one perpetual bad hair day. Good thing he is cute as a button. He can get away with bad hair.

I decided a workout was necessary today because I had taken the last 3 days off from Crossfit. Since I do not have equipment at home, a run is pretty much my only option. I decide to run a 5k. I hadn't tried running one since last June and that was on a track. Today was the perfect day for running. Cool, sunny, light breeze. I set out for this run aiming to beat my previous neighborhood PR of 27 minutes. It was a good day because I managed to run it in 25 minutes 23 seconds! Not too shabby.

I came home and put Pierson down for a nap while Keith ran to Walmart with Cavan. Shortly after, the doorbell rang and ta-dah! Mother's day flowers!

With the sweetest card!

My hubby is just the best. He made my day!

Keith and Cav returned from Wally World with a new toy. A two person tent that they decided to set up in our family room. The boys absolutely loved it!

We closed out the day with dinner with friends at Ruby Tuesdays. There were 7 children and 5 adults. It was chaos! The good news is nothing was broken the entire meal. The worst thing that happened was some spilled lemonade and lots of shredded cheese littering the floor. :). All in all a successful meal in my book.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there!


  1. Cait, I love your mother's day stories!!! Happy Mothers Day and the card from Keith is absolutely beautiful. Btw, I love the pics of Pierson (his hair is the best) and the sky-cam shot of Cavan by the tent:)) Such cuties. P.S. 25 minutes????? That's ridiculously awesome:))) so proud of you. I hope your fast running speeds are contagious:O)

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh my gosh- how cute is Pierson? He is going to be such a ladies man when he grows up! Glad you had such a nice mother's day. Way to rock the run. And the flowers are gorgeous

  3. Thank you Mad and Erica! That little goober has me wrapped around his pinky finger. :) I am a total sucker for him. I love my Cav too, I just know when he is trying to manipulate me now. :)