Saturday, May 22, 2010

Introducing my new favorite...

Alcoholic beverage!!! I just found three olives brand vodka today (thanks to my sister in law Meg). I bought grape and watermelon vodka. I tried mixing them with diet sprite to keep it nice and light. I am in love with the watermelon! Yum!!!!

Some other great things. Had a fabulous lunch with my awesome family at a restaurant by the water called Marker Four. They are known for their seafood (duh). I had a pretty good ceasar salad with grilled cod. Then we got delicious ice cream at Nokomis groves.

The boys got vanilla, I got chocolate lime swirl. So good!

My grandparents treated to both lunch and ice cream. What a great treat.

When we got home the boys went in the pool with their cousins, uncle and grandparents while I went to the store. I first went to my favorite store for alcoholic beverages Total Wines and More where I bought the vodkas. Then I went to Fresh Market to pick up stuff to make some quiches and salad for dinner.

Finally, we closed out our evening with a skype call from Keith. What a wonderful treat getting to see my hubby. It's amazing how seeing him can make me feel like a giddy teenager. I just love my husband so much. And seeing the boys getting excited about their daddy was heartwarming.

Well here is my first attempt at video in my blog, it's a video of Pete playing on the phone trying to call his daddy. Cav is making a racket in the background with his cousin. Hope this video works.

YouTube Video

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  1. Chocolate lime swirl icecream?? Sounds like a stellar combination Cait!

  2. Cait we have Total Wine & More here in Charleston!!!! You are right that store is awesome- it is like Walmart for grown ups and the staff is so helpful. We did an around the world tasting for Christmas and I must have bought 20 bottles there. Hehehe :) Loved it though and they made it affordable showing me some great bottles at reasonable prices. The video with Pierson is so precious. Has Keith seen this? He will be so touched. Love your Grandma & Grandpa please say HI to them for me- tell your Grandpa that I will be in Erie next weekend, his old stomping grounds:)) Love you sweetie and you KNOW I love posts about favorite alcoholic beverages:)) hehe keep them coming ;) XOXOXOXO